MOC-Approved CME

MOC Approved

When nearly all of our online CME courses are eligible to satisfy MOC Part II requirements, it's easy to find substantive risk solutions that meet physicians' specialized needs.

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) have established two distinct databases for their certified physicians to identify board approved educational activities that meet the Part II standards of MOC.  

As Part II of the MOC requirements, these courses are available through our subsidiary risk management site, Medical Interactive Community (MI). While our courses may be accessed by any physician directly through MI,  LAMMICO is pleased to pass on an additional no-cost benefit directly to those we insure when they access their Member Login. 

LAMMICO Policyholders are Eligible for a Triple Benefit

By taking an MOC-approved course in your specialty, LAMMICO policyholders can potentially earn a triple benefit: 

  • MOC Credit - Continuing education credit satisfying multiple medical specialty board requirements
  • CME Credit - Continuing Medical Education credit to satisfy state medical licensing requirements
  • RM Credit - LAMMICO Risk Management Premium Discount Credit toward a 10% discount on the basic limits portion of your premium (after earning two credits)

Access MOC-Approved Courses as a LAMMICO Policyholder

View this brief video or follow the simple instructions below:

  • Log in to your member account
  • "Go to MI" as a validated user
  • Click the "MOC Approved" button (see right)
  • Look for your specialty board abbreviation in the course description

American Board of Medical Specialties MOC Approval

LAMMICO is the first Louisiana CME provider with courses approved for MOC in a joint initiative between the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). Boards that have approved one or more of LAMMICO CME courses for MOC include:

LAMMICO submits our CME courses to the ABMS and other boards as new programs become available - so be sure to visit our MOC-Approved pages from time to time to discover the latest opportunities to satisfy Part II standards of MOC. 


Physicians earn Board certification as a means of demonstrating expertise in their medical specialty. Initial certification is achieved through an intense testing and eligibility process. To maintain certification over years of practice, a physician remains competent through continuing their education along with other professional accomplishments. Each medical specialty has specific requirements for physicians to maintain their certification. The MOC program provides physicians with a formal mechanism to maintain certification through continuous, specialty-specific learning, assessment and improvement activities through a four part MOC framework.


Through the LAMMICO subsidiary, Medical Interactive, online CME is available for public access for a small fee, or can be purchased in bulk for medical groups or facilities at a discounted rate.


To learn more or to purchase group membership to Medical Interactive, call 866.398.1038 or email

LAMMICO CME Approved for MOC

LAMMICO makes it easy to earn MOC credit! Watch a brief video to discover how simple it is.