Orthopedics, Opioids and QPP Supplemental Resources

Orthopedics, Opioids and QPP Supplemental Resources

LAMMICO Practice Solutions Resource Links: Orthopedics, Opioids and QPP

Louisiana Board of Pharmacy

Louisiana Board of Pharmacy: Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Information

Medicare Part D Prescription Policies

A Prescriber’s Guide to the New Medicare Part D Opioid Overutilization Policies for 2019

QPP General Resources

QPP Final Rule Fact Sheet (PDF)

Check QPP Participation Status


Performance Categories: Relevant Measures and Activities  

1. Quality: (PDF)

Orthopedic Specialty Measure Set

Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy Specialty Measure Set

           PT/OT Specialty Measure Set from Federal Register

           Ortho Specialty Measure Set with Topped-out Indicators

2. Improvement Activities: 

2019 QPP Improvement Activities List (zipped files) 

3. Promoting Interoperability: 

2019 Promoting Interoperability Measure Specifics (zipped files) 

4. Cost: (PDF)

MIPS: Summary of Cost Measures (PDF)

Orthopedic Episode Based Cost Measure - Knee Arthroplasty (PDF)

2019 Cost Measure Information Forms (zipped files)

Participation in the Quality Payment Program may also help you mitigate your malpractice risk through tracking and improving quality care (Quality measures), increasing patient engagement and satisfaction (Improvement Activities) and improving communications using secure electronic transmissions between providers and with patients (Promoting Interoperability). 


For consultation regarding QPP, please contact Natalie Cohen, MBA, MHA, at 504.841.2727 or ncohen@lammico.com.