Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


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LAMMICO and affiliated companies, Elatas Risk Partners and LAMMICO Risk Retention Group, Inc. (“We or Us”) recognize the importance of respecting and striving to maintain the privacy of our applicants, insureds and customers (“you” or “your”). In the course of providing you with a wide array of services designed to fulfill your insurance-related or educational-related needs (or in order for us to provide you with other services available via the website), it is necessary or convenient for us to gather information about you and your practice or business. By utilizing this website, you authorize us to collect, use and disclose information about you, your practice and business and your usage of this website, as outlined herein. This Privacy Policy and related Terms and Conditions of Use do not apply to information collected through means other than this website.

We operate in many different jurisdictions and this policy is an indication of our intent, not a comprehensive statement or promise of any measures taken and legal compliance. This policy may be changed at any time by posting a new version on the website. We will also post a notice on the website when the Privacy Policy is changed.

What Information We Collect:
The types of information that may be gathered by us in connection with your use of this website includes information such as your name, address, email address, insurance policy number, employer identity, information about your training, credentials, and license status and other information.  We may also collect information regarding your use of educational or informational materials or services, including the courses or materials you have viewed or purchased.  If you make a purchase via this website, information about the financial transaction may be collected. We do not store credit card information. 

For each visitor to our website, we may collect or track (in addition to the information mentioned above) non-personal information such as, but not limited to, referring domain name, IP address, and browser type. An IP address is a number automatically assigned to your computer by your Internet service provider. Each time you use the website and each time you request one of our pages, our server logs your IP address. This type of information is collected for such purposes as system administration and to audit the use of the website.

We may also collect or track other personal information to the extent not in violation of any applicable law. 

The information above illustrates, but does not exhaust, the kind of information that may be necessary or convenient for us to collect in order to serve your insurance-related or educational-related needs, or in order for us to provide you with other services available via the website or in order for us to protect our content, website, personnel and our other interests.

We do not collect information covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) via our website. LAMMICO and its insureds have a “Business Associate Agreement,” or “BAA” to keep protected health information confidential as required by HIPAA. If you require a copy of the BAA, it can be obtained through the LAMMICO website. This BAA does not change your insurance coverage.

How We Collect Information: 
Our website collects information, such as information provided by you, and monitors website activity, such as described in our Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies section below. We also track your usage of our website when you interact with email or other electronic communication. All of this information may be used or disclosed for various purposes (for example, but not limited to, the following: to monitor aggregate activity and trends, to improve site content, to comply with any laws, treaties, rules or regulations and to achieve our other business purposes). We may use and disclose information to third parties, as outlined in the Sharing of Information section below, except to the extent such use or disclosure clearly violates applicable law. The information we collect is not sold to marketing vendors, direct mail entities or email list services. 


Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies:

LAMMICO and our analytics providers, such as Google Analytics, use technologies such as cookies, beacons, tags, and scripts, to collect information and to analyze website user activity. We may receive reports based on the use of these technologies. Third parties with whom we partner to provide certain features on our website may collect non-personally identifiable information to deliver targeted advertising on other websites you may visit.  We do not sell space on our website to advertisers. We reserve the right, to the extent not prohibited by applicable law, to use and disclose the information we gather through the use of tracking technologies. Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default. Users can control the use of cookies at the individual browser level. If you reject cookies, you may still use our website, but your ability to use some features or areas of our website may be limited.

Protecting Personal Information:

We strive to maintain electronic and procedural safeguards in order to comply with federal and state regulations to guard nonpublic personal information. Although we generally believe that we have reasonable procedures and technologies in place which strive to protect against unauthorized disclosure of nonpublic personal information, we cannot, and do not, guarantee that information posted on, collected by or transmitted to, from, through or for this website will remain confidential or private at all times. We offer no assurances whatsoever that our controls and techniques will prevent unauthorized disclosures or breaches of, or compromises, in security. 

To the extent you provide or access information on our system through the use of a password, we encourage you to keep your password confidential and secure, as we cannot be responsible for acts resulting from the unauthorized use of your password. And, as set forth in the Terms and Conditions of Use for this website, we have other rights, and you have other obligations, about or concerning any of your user id, login, password or other access controls. 

Sharing of Information

Sharing of Information

We do not sell your nonpublic personal information to third parties.  We may share information with our affiliated companies and others, such as Volume License Purchasers, auditors, insurers, reinsurers, producers, brokers, insurance agents or business consultants or other third parties with whom we may, from time to time, do business. We may disclose information about our website users to these parties in connection with their services or in connection with conducting our business or their business. For example, producers, insurance agents, and brokers who market and sell our products may have access to the certificates of insurance and may have access to such other information as we view as necessary or convenient in conducting our business. Entities that do credentialing may also have access to certificates of insurance. Other persons, such as your office manager or risk manager may have access to your certificates of insurance.

We may also disclose your use of, and other information about, educational and informational services for the purpose of reporting it to continuing education, certification, licensing, and other healthcare regulating entities and to Volume License Purchasers and those who have purchased education or other services on your behalf.

We may disclose personal, private, confidential or other information, with or without prior notice to you, when we believe that disclosure is, or appears likely, required by law or in answering or otherwise responding to any lawful discovery, investigation or subpoena. We may also disclose personal, private, confidential or other information, with or without prior notice to you, in cooperation with local, state and federal law enforcement (whether criminal, civil or otherwise) investigations and in cooperation with local, state and federal regulators, auditors and other governmental agencies or bodies.

From time to time, we may retain third parties to perform various support services for us or provide consulting or other services to us or for our website users including, but not limited to, our website designer and information technology support technicians. 

Hypertext Links

Hypertext Links

Some of the pages on this website provide hypertext links to other sites created, maintained, hosted or sponsored by other organizations. We provide these links as a free service, for your convenience, and not as an endorsement, sponsorship or adoption of the views expressed, content presented or of the products, goods and services which may be sold, marketed, distributed or otherwise made available, on or through those other sites. Those other sites are not under our control. We neither make nor give any representations, warranties, assurances or other guarantees about the quality, accuracy, reliability, timeliness, confidentiality or privacy policy of those other sites.

Third party sites hyperlinked from the website may contain cookies that are collected by the third party site owner. These cookies are beyond our control.

We do not accept, and we do disclaim, any responsibility or liability, whether civil, criminal or otherwise, for damages, losses, fines, injuries, demands, actions or other claims resulting from the use of or reliance on information located on any linked sites or resulting, in any way, from the content of such sites.

Other Information: 

We may contact you via surveys to conduct research about your opinion of current services or of potential new services that may be offered.

As set forth in the Terms and Conditions of Use for this website, we have other rights, and you have other obligations.

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This Privacy Policy was last revised on April 6, 2016 and may be modified or altered at any time by posting a new version on the website. We will also post a notice on the website when the Privacy Policy is changed. Please check this page periodically for updates.