Risk Management & Patient Safety

LAMMICO's Risk Management and Patient Safety Department presents Hospital Toolkits available on Medical Interactive (MI). Toolkits provide definitions, current articles, nursing education, sample policies, procedures, guidelines, checklists, signage, tips and tools, links to vendors, and regulatory and quality third-party web resources. The goal of the toolkits is to provide a set of evidence-based, comprehensive resources to hospitals and facilities. Additionally, they provide value-added resources and education to assist LAMMICO hospital and facility policyholders with their quality and safety improvement activities. 

Tookit Topics Include:

Falls Prevention
Perinatal Electronic Fetal Monitoring
Surgical Site Infection Prevention
Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Each Toolkit topic has four resource sections: Administration Corner, Policy Corner, Physician Corner, and Hospital Staff Corner.

"Administration Corner" section includes:

  • An overview for the executive team of the necessity of the subject matter
  • Financial information such as potential cost of risk or safety defect, budget considerations, and legal implications
  • Regulatory issues related to the risk or safety defect such as reporting requirements
  • Other high-level considerations applicable to the topic

"Policies and Procedures Corner" section includes:

  • Definitions
  • Sample policies (if applicable)
  • Sample procedures
  • Links to evidence-based guidelines

"Physician Corner" section includes:

  • Links to specific LAMMICO CME that applies to the topic
  • Other considerations specific to physician practice within the hospital setting

"Hospital Staff Corner" section includes:

  • Huddle Topics related to toolkit topic
  • Checklist/pocket cards as applicable
  • Signage for patient rooms or nursing stations related to the toolkit topic (may be printed from the website, laminated and used by the hospital)
  • Assessment tools as applicable
  • Links to other related products according to the topic
  • Link to the CNE on incident reporting as applicable
  • Patient education related to the toolkit topic
  • CNE on the topic