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Long Term Care Facility Specialist
Risk Management and Patient Safety Department

Posted: January 3, 2022

Position Summary: 
Responsible for implementation, coordination and oversight of Long Term Care (LTC) facility program. Analyzes LTC facility loss data and collaborates with Underwriting, Marketing and Risk Management departments to conduct pre-underwriting and other assessments. Builds and maintains relationships with LTC facility insureds. Serves as LTC facility expert to help retain and expand LAMMICO’s LTC facility book of business. Maintains current knowledge of LTC regulations and state and federal audit and survey requirements. 

Reporting Relationship:
Reports directly to the Director of Risk Management and the Director of Marketing

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

  • Works in a cooperative manner with management, coworkers, customers, and vendors; supports LAMMICO’s mission and vision in daily operations
  • Promotes and encourages innovation in processes, procedures, products, and services in the organization
  • Point person for LAMMICO LTC facility insureds for all Risk Management (RM) related services and questions
  • Works with the Director of Risk Management to develop a LTC facility RM and Patient Safety program; responsible for implementation, coordination and oversight of the program 
  • Serves as LTC facility expert to assist Underwriting and Marketing departments to retain and expand LAMMICO’s LTC facility book of business
  • Conducts review and analysis of loss data and claims for insured LTC facilities
  • Conducts risk assessments for LTC facilities and provides insureds with loss reduction interventions
  • Collaborates with Marketing to develop tailored proposals and marketing materials for LTC facilities
  • Builds relationships with insured LTC facility staff by visiting them onsite on an ongoing basis
  • Primary contact for responding to RM related questions and meeting needs of LAMMICO’s LTC facility insureds 
  • Contributes to development of evidenced based education presentations; serves as speaker at live education presentations and webinars for LTC facilities 
  • Serves as RM/Marketing liaison to Communication Department for development of RM LTC facility related communications/publications
  • Stays abreast of and informs/educates RM, Underwriting, Marketing and other LAMMICO staff regarding new regulations and emerging risks in LTC facilities
  • Reports to LAMMICO Committees regarding LTC facility insureds’ risk profiles

Secondary Functions/Responsibilities:

  • Other responsibilities and special projects as assigned
  • Attends seminars and conferences as assigned
  • Supports Marketing by attending meetings with prospective LTC facility insureds (within Louisiana and other states) to inform them about LAMMICO’s programs and services

Education, Experience and Skills Required:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in management and/or in a healthcare related field (if a nurse, current Louisiana license required) or related experience   
  • 7-10 years of experience as an administrator or director of nursing in a LTC facility
  • Experience in preparing for state and federal LTC facility surveys and audits
  • Effective speaker who can communicate well with large and small audiences and hold their attention
  • Experience developing educational programs
  • Experience gathering, organizing and interpreting data and information and measuring outcomes
  • Reliable transportation for travel primarily within Louisiana and contiguous states; some overnight stay
  • Strong customer focus and team orientation
  • Ability to appropriately handle confidential or sensitive company information
  • Commitment to continuing industry education
  • Strong motivation and decision making skills
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to interact and work effectively with insureds, prospective insureds and employees at all levels within the organization 
  • Ability to manage time, set priorities, and work independently 
  • Proficiency in the use of Microsoft Office

Education, Experience and Skills Desired:

  • Risk Management, quality improvement experience
  • LTC facility quality improvement experience
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and current Louisiana license
  • License in nursing facility administration 

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume. 

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