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Telehealth Billing and Coding Matrix

April 09, 2020

Telehealth Billing and Coding Matrix
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To help navigate the frenzied changes and various billing scenarios that have quickly emerged with the COVID-19 public health emergency, LAMMICO prepared and updated a Telehealth Billing and Coding Matrix for our policyholders. To view the matrix, log in as a Member on and access the Practice Solutions sectionWe update the matrix as needed with more payors, more information and updated information as the CMS, Department of Insurance and payor policies change. 

Embedded in the table are links to the specific payor policies and/or their provider resource webpages. This resource is current as of the date indicated at the top of the matrix. Please check the links provided above to capture any updated versions.

Due to the rapidly changing laws and rules affecting health plans and healthcare professionals, the information contained in the matrix can become outdated or incorrect at any time.

Matrix updated 8/13/2020

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