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Provider Well-Being: Burnout Strategies for Success

March 21, 2018

Provider Well-Being: Burnout Strategies for Success

Studies have shown that the incidence of burnout may be as high as 50% among physicians alone. Those healthcare professionals with significant symptoms of burnout do not enjoy their work, and the personal toll on them is high. In addition, stress and burnout can affect quality of care and patient safety.

To help healthcare providers avoid burnout, LAMMICO has created a brand new live lecture series entitled “Provider Well-Being: Burnout Strategies for Success.” This live lecture will help participants discover their own current propensity for burnout and analyze burnout from the perspectives of:

  • a large healthcare system
  • a specific workplace  
  • an individual provider

The program will also offer various levels of strategies for reducing burnout from these three perspectives.

This lecture series will be offered in Baton Rouge on May 8, in Shreveport on September 9, and in Lafayette on September 18. Attendees may earn up to two (2) CME credits and one (1) LAMMICO Risk Management Discount Credit. To register, please click here or contact the LAMMICO Risk Management and Patient Safety Department at 504.841.5211.

LAMMICO also offers other live lectures for healthcare providers and their medical office staff throughout the year. For a full schedule of live lectures, please click here.

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