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More Pediatric Risk Education on Medical Interactive

May 09, 2017

Mandy Martin-Sanchez, MEd, BSN, RN, CNOR

More Pediatric Risk Education on Medical Interactive

Compared to other specialists, pediatricians are not sued very often. But when they are, it tends to be very costly. The PIAA Data Sharing Project report on closed claims between 2006 and 2015 indicates that pediatrics had the fourth highest average indemnity by specialty. To address this risk, LAMMICO writers have been building our library of pediatric education programs available on The four pediatric-focused educational courses currently available include:

  • Risk and Claims in Pediatrics: Case Study in Sepsis (1 hour CME credit, 1 RM credit, MOC-approved by ABPMR, ABP). This activity explores pediatric risk patterns and professional liability claims experience. It presents a diagnostic case study of sepsis and suggests practical risk-reduction strategies based on lessons learned from the case, the claims data and professional literature.
  • Pediatric Asthma Series: Asthma is the most common chronic health condition in children under 18 years. This threepart series allows a more extensive look into asthma in the pediatric population. Each part offers 0.5 hours of CME, CNE, and RM credit. All three parts are MOC-approved by ABP. (1.5 hours for completion of the entire series).

Later this year, additional monographs will be available on Medical Interactive, including:

  • To Dismiss or Not to Dismiss: The Problem of Pediatric Vaccine Refusers
  • Slowing Antibiotic Resistance: Strategies for Outpatient Pediatricians
  • Safer Diagnosis of Appendicitis in Children: A New Tool.

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