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Medical Data is Top Target of Hackers

July 31, 2019

Medical Data is Top Target of Hackers

According to a recent study by Comparitech, medical and health records have become the top target for cybersecurity attacks over the past three years. The recent rise in healthcare-related cyberattacks is largely due to the fact that thieves now recognize the monetary value of medical records. Medical records contain important data that cyber thieves can use to unlock other data sources and potentially steal a person’s assets and/or identity. 

Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility, so it is important for all employees of a medical practice to understand cybersecurity best practices and work together to implement them. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services offers the publication "Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices: Managing Threats and Protecting Patients" to provide voluntary cybersecurity practices to healthcare organizations of all types and sizes, ranging from local clinics to large hospital systems.

Cybersecurity Coverage and Resources from LAMMICO

LAMMICO includes $10,000 of Medefense™ Plus/Cyber Liability coverage in most provider policies at no additional charge to the insured. We also offer the option to purchase higher limits of protection through our subsidiary agency, Elatas Risk Partners. Please contact Carly Thames, Account Executive, at or 225.906.2062 for information on purchasing higher limits of coverage.

In partnership with our cyber risk experts, NAS Insurance, LAMMICO offers our insureds complimentary access to NAS CyberNET®, the most advanced cyber risk management solutions inclusive of sample policies, incident response plans and other compliance and training materials. Registered Members are encouraged to log in and access the NAS CyberNET® portal through LAMMICO Practice Solutions.

For more information about minimizing cybersecurity threats, please contact the LAMMICO Risk Management and Patient Safety Department at 504.841.5211.

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