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Calm Amidst Claims: An Optimized Litigation Stress Management Workshop

February 07, 2017

Calm Amidst Claims: An Optimized Litigation Stress Management Workshop

Malpractice litigation can impact all aspects of a healthcare provider’s life. LAMMICO wants our insureds to know about a unique opportunity to address the situation head-on before the strain negatively influences other aspects of a policyholder’s profession.

For over a decade, LAMMICO has hosted a private seminar for policyholders that addresses the emotional wellness of the healthcare provider undergoing litigation. It is an interactive workshop offered to LAMMICO physicians, mid-level providers and their spouses who are the target of malpractice litigation.

The 2017 Litigation Stress Management workshop is augmented with new insights into stress management gleaned from Stanford University’s renowned Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE). In LAMMICO’s updated program, lecturers will offer scientific evidence that burnout is reversible and that litigation-induced stress can be managed.

Our seminar includes a dinner followed by a short film entitled, “Malpractice Litigation: Managing the Stress,” after which a discussion among the participants is facilitated by Frederick J. White, III, M.D., FACC, FCCP and Elmore F. Rigamer, M.D., MPA.

LAMMICO cares for our insureds by offering realistic ways to cope with the anger, fear and frustration of the litigation process. Together, we can help strengthen physician/healthcare provider wellness in the face of malpractice claims. Prior years’ seminar attendees have applauded the opportunity to speak with peers undergoing similar stressful circumstances, and to learn from compassionate scientific experts in matters of both litigation and wellness.

LAMMICO is committed to hosting a positive and proactive culture of support for our policyholders. Due to limited seating, pre-registration for the Litigation Stress Management workshop is required. 2017 Workshops will be held in Baton Rouge, Covington and Monroe. Please visit or call 504.841.5211 or 800.452.2120 to register for a seminar near you.


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