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Coming Soon: New Ways LAMMICO Helps Policyholders Proactively Protect Against Risks and Claims

May 09, 2017

Coming Soon: New Ways LAMMICO Helps Policyholders Proactively Protect Against Risks and Claims

As a mutual company, LAMMICO keeps the best interests of our policyholders at the forefront of all operations. While stock companies are focused on keeping shareholders happy and stock prices high, LAMMICO is singularly focused on medical malpractice protection. We continuously seek new ways to meet the insurance and risk mitigation needs of our policyholders. 

Accordingly, LAMMICO established two subsidiary entities to specifically address risk mitigation through education (Medical Interactive Community, LLC) and by providing nonmalpractice insurance options (Elatas Risk Partners, Inc.). This year, it is the Board’s objective to emphasize “LAMMICO Lagniappe” – the unexpected ways that LAMMICO offers more than a little something extra. It is my pleasure to announce the development of some up-and-coming solutions to benefit our policyholders. 

Solutions currently in development include: 

“NAScyberNET” Cyber Liability Portal

In partnership with our cyber risk experts, NAS Insurance, LAMMICO will bring policyholders CyberNET – an advanced cyber risk management resource center accessible through your Member site. Solutions in this portal will include non-CE cyber security training materials, sample policies and incident response plans, as well as compliance materials with best practices for maintaining cyber security in medical settings. 

“Practice Solutions” Office Management Portal 

Practice managers and office staff will gain access to greater risk management resources by logging into their Member site. Solutions included in this portal will address operational and financial aspects of physician practices in the context of risk management with an eye toward reducing
malpractice claims and improving patient satisfaction. Website Redesign

Advances in learning management technology and direct feedback from Medical Interactive Community (MI) learners will be incorporated into the new website that will be launched this year. The new site will feature intelligent design so that our courses automatically adapt to an individual learner’s interests and vulnerabilities based on answers submitted through a pre-course Self- Assessment. The result will be a more progressive digital
learning experience.

Individual Disability Insurance Options

Elatas Risk Partners has negotiated with Unum, one of the most respected disability, life and financial protection institutions in the nation, to offer LAMMICO policyholders Individual Disability Income (IDI) coverage options. We recently established a program for physicians new to LAMMICO in which an exclusive, limitedtime IDI plan can be written on a guaranteed standard issue basis for full-time physicians. Other IDI options are underway this year through Elatas.

These and other projects will help LAMMICO insureds further mitigate risk and practice with confidence. Look for more announcements in future editions of LAMMICO publications.

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