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Coadministration of Flu and COVID-19 Vaccines

September 29, 2021

Coadministration of Flu and COVID-19 Vaccines
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As we continue to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and approach winter and the start of flu season, many patients may be wondering if they are able to receive both vaccines simultaneously. The short answer is yes, the flu and COVID-19 vaccines can be administered simultaneously at the same visit according to recommendations from the CDC. The AMA offered the following insights in this article:

  • COVID-19 vaccines may be administered without regard to timing of other vaccines, with a few rare exceptions.
  • Nonsimultaneous vaccination is OK too.
  • Pay attention to vaccine placement. When administering the flu and COVID-19 vaccine together, they should be given in different sites on the arm separated by an inch or more if possible.
  • Consider timing for coadministration. Flu vaccinations should be offered by the end of October.

To read the AMA's full article, click here. For questions, contact the LAMMICO Risk Management and Patient Safety Department at 504.841.5211.

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