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Burnout Buster

May 09, 2017

Burnout Buster

Most symptoms of burnout result not from treating patients but from dealing with the administrative and bureaucratic aspects of medicine.

For the majority of physicians, the most enjoyable part of the work day is being with patients, so it makes sense to optimize time with them.

How can this be accomplished? Studies show that an eight-minute encounter in which a physician shakes hands with a patient, sits down, invites questions, educates about the illness, and perhaps asks something about the patient’s life unrelated to the illness results in two significant outcomes. For the patient, it improves the clinical outcome.

For the physician, it can have a calming effect and result in a feeling of satisfaction that may be sustained through the next few patient encounters.

Give it a try. See if this technique helps reduce your stress and bring more satisfaction to caring for your patients!

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