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Jennings American Legion Hospital Honored With LAMMICO's 2nd Annual Patient Safety Award

April 11, 2017

Jennings American Legion Hospital Honored With LAMMICO's 2nd Annual Patient Safety Award

Congratulations to the recipient of the 2nd Annual LAMMICO Patient Safety Award & Grant: Jennings American Legion Hospital in Jennings, La. The LAMMICO Patient Safety Award recognizes major achievements by regional hospitals and facilities to improve patient safety and healthcare quality, consistent with LAMMICO's ongoing efforts to mitigate liability through education, assessment, and tailored clinical risk management resources.

This annual award program was established in 2015 to applaud the most outstanding contributions of excellence in patient safety throughout Louisiana and Arkansas. By demonstrating the greatest motivational communication as a result of our online monograph "Surgical Checklists and Patient Outcomes: What's the Verdict?”, Jennings American Legion Hospital will be awarded:

Honoree: The Spine Hospital of Louisiana

Due to exceptional reported results, The Spine Hospital of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, La. was named a Patient Safety Award Honoree. A grant of $2,000 will be presented in recognition of achievement.

LAMMICO commends both of these hospitals for their commitment to improving patient safety. Stay tuned at for more details about our recipients and for an announcement of next year’s Award and Grant focus area.



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