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LA PMP Integration with EHR Can Help with MIPS!

May 03, 2019

 LA PMP Integration with EHR Can Help with MIPS!

In February, the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy announced a third party platform that allows integration between the Louisiana Prescription Monitoring Program (LA PMP) data into a provider’s electronic health records (EHR) statewide. Not all EHR vendors are currently integrated, and the time frame for complete integration depends on the provider’s current EHR vendor. 

If utilized appropriately, this integration can facilitate providers' MIPS/QPP participation. Eligible clinicians and groups who check the PMP may be able to earn bonus points in the Promoting Interoperability performance category.

  • Query of Prescription Monitoring Program (PI_EP_2)

The registration and regular query of the PMP can earn eligible clinicians or groups medium- and/or high-weighted Improvement Activity credit.

  • Annual Registration in the PDMP (IA_PSPA_5)
  • Consultation of the PDMP (IA_PSPA_6)

Finally, for eligible clinicians and groups reporting through a qualified registry, the NarxCare score, which is part of the PMP Query results, may possibly satisfy the opioid risk assessment measure.

  • Evaluation or Interview for Risk of Opioid Misuse (Quality ID #414)

While the LA PMP/EHR integration can provide convenience for many providers, it does limit the access of LA PMP data by delegates (unlicensed or licensed) via the EHR system. Instead, delegates must still use the web portal to access the data. Other limitations may apply. 

Additionally, the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy stated it is working with the Louisiana Office of Public Health – Bureau of Community Preparedness to offer grant money that can pay for costs associated with this integration for up to two years of services. This grant is limited and may not be available to all providers. 

Remember …

  • Having an EHR is not necessary to avoid a penalty or earn a positive adjustment or bonus.
  • Submitting data doesn’t cost you any money.
  • Checking your 2019 eligibility on the QPP website is easy!

Participation in the Quality Payment Program may also help you mitigate your malpractice risk through tracking and improving quality care (Quality measures), increasing patient engagement and satisfaction (Improvement Activities) and improving communications using secure electronic transmissions between providers and with patients (Promoting Interoperability). 

Healthcare providers interested in integrating their EHR with the LA PMP should visit the board’s website for more information about the platform and the integration request form. 

Eligible LAMMICO-insured clinicians who have not yet implemented a process for capturing or reporting MIPS data into your practice or need an additional resource to discuss options regarding MIPS can contact LAMMICO Practice Management Specialist, Natalie Cohen, MBA, MHA, at 504.841.2727 or for a free consultation.  

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