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The CMS Announcement We Were Waiting For … Louisiana Providers May Not Have To Report MIPS For 2020!

November 18, 2020

The CMS Announcement We Were Waiting For … Louisiana Providers May Not Have To Report MIPS For 2020!
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For performance year 2020, CMS has declared all 64 parishes in Louisiana to be a CMS-designated region affected by an Extreme and Uncontrollable event - Hurricane Laura. The individual MIPS eligible providers do not have to apply for an exception to avoid a penalty in 2022.  

The individual MIPS providers in the disaster area will NOT be penalized if they fail to earn 45 points in the MIPS program, as long as they do not:

  • Submit data in at least two categories in 2020
  • Report as a group in 2020
  • Report as a virtual group in 2020

The individual MIPS providers in the disaster area do NOT have to complete an application in order to be granted this exception. It is automatic!

Providers in the disaster area should verify their eligibility status on the QPP Participation Status Tool. If you practice within the designated area, and your 2022 scores do not reflect the exception, you will need to submit a Targeted Review when the 2020 scores are released in 2021. 

This exception is because of Hurricane Laura. MIPS-eligible providers in other areas that believe they have experienced an Extreme and Uncontrollable event (e.g., COVID-19) have until December 31, 2020, to apply for an exception. Log in to the QPP portal to apply for an exception.  

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General Information if Applying for an Extreme and Uncontrollable Exception:

  • The online application is very simple and straightforward. It can be completed in less than 15 minutes.
  • Most providers are receiving decisions back within minutes of submitting applications (when COVID-19 is designated at the reason for the application).
  • Applications must be submitted through the QPP portal using a HARP account.
  • Eligible clinicians, groups or their representatives (practice staff) can contact the QPP Help Desk for assistance and step-by-step guidance through the exception application process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If an eligible clinician is granted the exception, but then submits data, the data submission will override the re-weighting on a category by category basis. 

Participation in the Quality Payment Program may help you mitigate your malpractice risk through tracking and improving quality care (Quality measures), increasing patient engagement and satisfaction (Improvement Activities) and improving communications using secure electronic transmissions between providers and with patients (Promoting Interoperability). 

For more questions about this and the Promoting Interoperability Exception application, or general QPP guidance, contact LAMMICO Practice Management Specialist, Natalie Cohen, MBA, MHA, at 504.841.2727 or

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