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Scammers Claiming to be with the LSBME

September 17, 2020

Scammers Claiming to be with the LSBME
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Please be aware that LSBME licensees are receiving phone calls and correspondence from scammers who claim to be with the LSBME. These individuals are seeking information, such as a licensee’s DEA number, for malignant purposes. It is difficult for the LSBME to address each instance since the scammers continually change how they seek this information from licensees. Licensees must remain alert! Physicians in other states should be aware of similar types of scams in their own states.

Do not provide your information in a phone call or email to anyone without verifying the identity of the person receiving the information. To verify identity, please call the LSBME at 504.568.6820 and ask for the individual by name. 

Further, please know that you are able to verify the status of your license online at the LSBME website:, Click on "Verify a License" on the home page. 

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